President Buhari’s Jigawa Visit, a laughable charade — PDP

President Buhari’s Jigawa Visit, a laughable charade — PDP
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By Salisu Mamuda

President Buhari was in Jigawa on the 14th of May 2018, barely two days after his return from a UK medical trip, a clear demonstration of the president’s care and goodwill towards the people of the state.

Oddly however, the Jigawa State APC and its incompetent government failed to utilize this goodwill but ended up demeaning the office of the president and subjecting him to ridicule.

Is it not insulting to the office of the president that he should be ‘commissioning ‘ the Tasheguwa-Guri Road almost 8 years after it was commissioned by governor Wammako of Sokoto state?

Laughably, the president also commissioned a solar powered water project at Shuwarin , near the state capital, Dutse. The PDP government of Sule Lamido established over 110 such schemes in Jigawa state. Lamido’s government never considered such projects worthy of being commissioned by even a state governor!

We found it equally baffling that the president was ‘commissioning’ mango and dates harvests, even though there was no record of the current APC government ever planting mangoes or date palms in the state. Talk about reaping where you have not sown!

Dutse is recognized for ages for its dates and its mangoes, a fact attested to by the fact that the city hosts the National Date Palm Research Institute (NDPRI). Perhaps the APC government of Jigawa state has managed to beat the NDPRI in developing date palms that bear fruit in 3 years!

On the issue of mangoes, we would have wished the president’s visit to Jigawa was to commission a mango processing plant or some mango export scheme. If the president was merely interested in viewing mangoes, there are plentiful quantities of the fruit in and around Abuja. The president did not need to travel all the way to Dutse, wasting taxpayers’ money and exerting himself, all for the purpose of watching a display of mango fruits in baskets.

All citizens of Jigawa state were embarrassed by this shameful charade that ended up making Jigawa the laughing stock of the nation. We all rue the missed opportunity to showcase our state to the president and engaging him in helping us in our areas of competitive advantage.

Clearly in reaction to the intolerable and mounting displays of incompetence by the Jigawa state APC government, a large number of its supporters have become compelled to leave the party.

Just a day after President Buhari left Dutse, a huge number of APC stakeholders that included former National Assembly members formally announced their decision to decamp from the APC. What an insult to the president!

Finally, we thank the president for publicly appreciating the Dutse International Airport and the Malam Aminu Kano Triangle, two projects that were ESTABLISHED and COMMISSIONED by the PDP government of Sule Lamido.


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