Politics Today: Oshiomole, the Lion in Politics

Politics Today: Oshiomole, the Lion in Politics
Politics Today

Oshiomole Hmmm! Any time I hear the sound of that name, i see Obj or should i say, Oshiomole is the total replicate of obasanjo aka Obj.

If you are a lover of politics you will understand what am saying, am not heaer to write in long words but am hear to tell you , if Oshiomole becomes the Chairman of  APC, i see a little bit of chance of buhari wining, thou he has 0% probability of winning for now, even if he supports a fly, that fly will likely win.

What am saying might not say sense now, but i tell you, Oshiomloe is extremely good when it comes to playing of politics after Obasanjo. If it was a football team, and am a coach of another club, i will give him an open claque just to have him on board.

Now imagine Obansanjo and Oshomole in one party, i see a party that will win the 36 states.

Just like Obasanjo, he knows how to get to the heart of the people even when is haters are stronger than him in Politics

Thou he hasn't gotten much records when it come to national election apart from the the Edo State national senator and house of rep, and we all know what happened during the presidential election how he was locked down with securities, that will tell you what a lion he is and he is being recognised for that by his opposition.

During the governorship election he did something that took everyone off their sit. The biggest local government was won by APC that got less support during campaign. At first the Edos thought the case will be won in court by PDP, but to our surprise APC won the case. thou we all know some behind close door discussion might have played.

Oshiomole has all this smartness to himself, i doubt if he will be able to make Buhari win, from my own observation, there isnt anything apart from the corruption aspect that buhari government have been seen working on, yet oppositions have criticised it, saying that "EFCC only go for Opposition Party".

But who can say, cos i remember in one of my article, " Why APC will lose Governor election during Governor obasike campaign", yet he took us by surprise via the Victory of APC. I wonder if that will be the case in Buhari

With many Strong Oppositions like Obasanjo, Jonathan, Atiku etc and with the crisis in the party, i will award buhari 0% chance of winning the election.

This Article is base on writers Observation, not to Publicise or criticise anybody.

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