Vincent Kompany challenges Manchester City to create a dynasty after securing third Premier League title

Vincent Kompany challenges Manchester City to create a dynasty after securing third Premier League title

City were affirmed as champions following Manchester United's stun 1-0 defeat at home to West Brom, with Kompany conceding the test for Guardiola's side is to hold the title and command English football for quite a long time to come.
Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany challenged his colleagues to make a tradition on the back of their first Premier League title under Pep Guardiola.

“It’s the same feeling as the first time,” said Kompany. You can’t describe it.

“The first time you win it, you think you’ll win all of them. Then the first time you lose one, you think you’re never going to win another ever again.

“You just want to hold on to the feeling. It’s a difficult achievement and I’m proud of the team and everyone involved.

“You can’t take it for granted. I’ve never been able to retain a title and I want to see if this team has it in it to be even more successful. I want to see how we react now next season.

“I’m probably the first one to think about next season. I'd like to stay humble - this is not a dynasty, it's one title. We're all delighted, but there's a lot more to do to unlock our full potential.

“This one differs in the fact we were consistent the whole season, we played at the level we wanted to and a few times we won it before we nearly threw it away.

"I've seen many teams win it where they've been champions all season and it's a first for me.”

Praising the impact made by Guardiola, Kompany said: “I think we share one thing – he's been able to transfer to the team that hunger and desire to never be satisfied.

"We all believed in it. There was a period of adaptation for him coming into the league and for us taking in his methods.

“They were the right ones and the ones we believed in. I’m sure they are differences to how we play today compared to Bayern and Barcelona, we survive and live by the strength of the team.

"One team was dominant in Germany and one had Messi, but we are nothing without the team.”

Asked to pick his favourite of City's three Premier League titles, Kompany said: “The first one has to be favourite. It was like carrying a massive rock or stone on your back and you get rid of it.

“The first one was special but this one is perhaps the one I’m most proud of. It’s a privilege to be a part of this team.

"My wife is the wildest one at the moment she is absolutely buzzing, I'll probably go and meet the lads as well, it is just special.”

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