Ex-Arsenal midfielder Robson: Wilshere should leave if Conte doesn't replace Wenger

Former Arsenal star Stewart Robson believes Jack Wilshere should only stay at the club if Antonio Conte replaces Arsene Wenger as manager.

Wenger revealed on Wednesday that talks were 'progressing' with Wilshere, who is out of contract at the end of the season.

But Robson feels the Englishman would be better off leaving the club if Wenger remains as manager.
"I don't think he should stay," Robson told talkSPORT.

"If a new manager came in, and I've been championing Antonio Conte because he's obviously going to leave Chelsea and I think he would be the ideal fit for Arsenal and give the team discipline. If that were to happen, I'd want Jack Wilshere to stay.

"But at the moment he's got to still be learning the game. The reason he hasn't produced the sort of form he should have done over the years is because he's had no guidance.

"He's a wonderful footballer but he still doesn't seem to understand the game and he lacks discipline.
"Until someone gets hold of him and teaches him that discipline, he'll always be a player with potential rather than the world class midfielder he could be."


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