President Buhari deserves a second term – Patrick Obahiagbon

A book author has shared the chat between her and a Prince Harry impersonator who tried to scam her, and it's hilarious, to say the least.

Clare Mackintosh, a writer, played along after she was contacted by the scammer who introduced himself as Prince Harry then asked her to donate money to his charity organisation to help build a school for the less priviledged kids. The Sunday Times bestseller played along, pretending to be falling for his tricks. She even begged him for an invite to the wedding as one of the bridesmaids and he agreed. He then told her to prove her honesty by contacting Rev Manuel Moore and ask him how she can donate to his charity.

People have been arguing on her timeline about the possible nationality of the scammer and most say he sounds Nigerian.

Read the hilarious chats below.

“It is certainly not Eureka yet. But, the truth of the matter is that, given where we are coming from, this government has tried. We were in the cause of economic comatose and from the quagmire of recession, the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has been able to remove the economy from the jugulars of recession and has breathed vital life into Nigeria’s economy.”

He said further that President Buhari and the APC government has discharged their constitutional mandate “in such a way and manner that they deserve a second term outing.”


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