All you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is due to be revealed to the world next week at an official Samsung event in Barcelona.

But the cat has been well and truly let out of the bag by one Reddit user who has posted almost an entire hands-on review of the upcoming iPhone X rival.

The anonymous user created an "Ask Me Anything" thread to reveal all the Galaxy S9 secrets to eager gadget fans.

He or she said answers were based on "a good 20 min" of playing with the cutting-edge new smartphone. However, his or her account - and therefore, answers - were soon mysteriously deleted after the press picked up on the thread.

"Like the title states I just played with a very close to production Samsung S9. I got to use it for about 20 min. Got pretty familiar with the device. I'll try to answer any questions anyone has," the user wrote before deleting their account.

The anonymous redditor confirms a number of previously circulated rumours, such as the presence of a dual-lens camera, repositioning of the fingerprint sensor and dual speakers appearing for the first time on a Galaxy phone.

He or she also confirms - much to the relief of many - that there will be a 3.5mm headphone jack on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Apparently, Samsung also won't be ditching its maligned virtual assistant Bixby in favour of Alexa or the Google Assistant. Not only is Bixby back but, once again, it gets its own dedicated hardware button.

One thing he wasn't able to test is the camera - which Samsung is expected to hype at the announcement next week.

The invitation for the company's February 25 "Unpacked" event shows a purple number 9 along with the tagline "The Camera. Reimagined."


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