Pogba Has Scary Potentials Yet To Be Unfolded – Steven Gerrard

Liverpool legend, Steven Gerrard says Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba’s is a phenomenal and has a scary potential.

He says the France star is improving every week at Manchester United and feels he will only continue to grow, which is a concern for all of his side’s rivals.

After initially struggling to find his feet in the Premier League, Pogba’s true colours have shone through in recent weeks and the 23-year-old has impressed since Jose Mourinho placed him in a midfield three alongside Ander Herrera and Michael Carrick.

Gerrard told BT Sport, “I think he’s got better and stronger week by week. He’s obviously a phenomenal talent.

“I think coming with that big price tag early on has weighed him down a bit and Manchester United weren’t in the rhythm but I think now they’ve found his best position.

“I think Carrick complements him so well and now we’re seeing the Paul Pogba that we all expected to see and he’s only going to get better and better.

“He’s young, he’s leggy, he’s got all the tools in the bag and there’s no doubt about it he’s one of the best midfielders now and he’s going to get better which is a scary thought being a Liverpool fan!”


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