Luis Suarez was Europe's most complete footballer in 2016

Think you know how good Luis Suarez has been over the last year? Think again.
While you are presumably well aware that the 'S' in Barcelona's MSN had a good 2016, the numbers you can see below suggest that Suarez had an even better year than Lionel Messi.

In fact, when it comes to goals and assists in 2016 - two fairly important stats for attacking players - Suarez wasn't just better than his brilliant team mate. He was the best player in the whole of Europe.
During the last 12 months, the former Liverpool man racked up more goals AND more assists than any other footballer in the English, Spanish, French, German or Italian leagues.

The no-longer-quite-so-bitey Uruguayan scored 37 La Liga goals over the calendar year. Purely in terms of league goals, that puts him ahead of Zlata Ibrahimovic (35) and his team mate Messi (32) at the top of the European list:

Most league goals in 2016

A great, if not terribly surprising, achievement. After all, Suarez is a goalscorer. You would almost expect him to be at the top end of that table.

However, when it comes to assists, this sight is slightly more bizarre:

Most league assists in 2016

 The Barcelona No9 got himself 17 assists in La Liga during 2016, putting him ahead of Messi again (who set up 15 goals) and Dimitri Payet (also on 15).
So, in short, last year saw Suarez score more league goals than anyone else… and set up more league goals than anyone else.
Not a bad record for the Barca man - but we know who takes the REAL credit for his accomplishments, don't we?


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