Ronaldo picks future position for son

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo wants his son Cristiano Jr. to follow in his footsteps and play as an attacker, rather than in a defensive position.

Ronaldo has earmarked his six-year-old son a future professional, believing he’ll share the same athletic characteristics that propelled him to greatness.

While he expressed his desire for his son to forge his own destiny, the Ballon d’Or winner and Madrid’s all-time leading goalscorer wants Ronaldo Jr. to play as a striker should he decide to take up the sport.
“Of course I want my son to be a footballer player like his daddy,” Ronaldo told Egyptian channel ON E TV.

“I know it’s a big challenge, it’s not easy. But he will be whatever he wants, I won’t make pressure.
“I will push him a little bit to be a football player. Not to be a goalkeeper, I want him to be a striker.
“But he will be whatever he wants. I’m not worried.”


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