why Nigerians should have faith in this presidential regime .

It is obvious to the blind that Nigeria is below where we use to be with the fall of Naira value, High unemployment rate, And inflation (cyclical Unemployment).

This alone is not what any president will be proud of but if you have gone through the president plan for this country in its budget then you will know he has plans for the Country. Thou, many of our past presidents did have plans also but wasn't able to accomplished them doesn't mean we shouldnt believe in the presidents plan and also support him by not critizing his government but by put hands together to work with him so his plan which is our benefit can be fully achieved before his tenure ends.

The president might not start well but I have a good feeling he will end well unlike many past presidents who start well but ends bad.

We should also notice that since this presidential reign the Arm forces, EFCC, and other Agencies have become more active than previous presidential reign. They act on their will to bring law violators to justices no matter the status of that person.

Finally the effect (positive) of the president visit to other countries will soon be seen in Nigeria economy in terms of growth, development, high security, and personal relationship with other countries.

The presidents deserves a praise for that.


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